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Now that activities of daily living include a wide range of electronic transactions—everything from ATM machines to parking meters—there's now a growing list of barriers to what were once simple tasks of daily living. In this video, Zebereda demonstrates her solution to keeping her Transit Access Pass (TAP) within reach.

As a young girl, Zebreda had fond memories of working with an occupational therapist at school. One project was to adapt a pair of scissors so she could cut paper independently. In this video, Zebreda tells the story of how they conceived, constructed, tweaked and came up with the perfect adaptation. And wait till you find out how Zebreda uses that pair of scissors today!

Remember, assistive technology can be any item, piece of equipment, or product, whether bought off the shelf, modified, or customized that is used to increase, maintain, or improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities—and for that matter, anyone else.

Imagine you have limited hand and fine-motor control and found yourself struggling with multiple remote controls to watch television, listen to the radio, adjust your digital cable box, or control just about any one of a hundred electronic devices? In this video, Zebreda, demonstrates a practical solution that includes a iPod Touch, a remote control adapter and a free App. Now Zebreda controls all her remote devices with a single device!

Found the perfect, Bluetooth, long-life battery, high-quality audio headset to manage your telephone calls and enjoy your favorite radio station only to then discover the plastic earpiece cuts into your skin? Yuk! But in this video, Zebreda demonstrates a creative solution—one customized in collaboration with a friend at a local dry cleaners.